Sunday, August 12, 2012

INGLOT Eye Shadow Swatches and More

INGLOT makes my favorite eyeshadows ever. I find that their formula is buttery soft and super pigmented. They last well on my oily lids (though I always need a primer). They have different finishes: matte, pearl, DS (Double Sparkle), AMC (Advanced Makeup Component), and AMC Shine.

I haven't bought any individual shadows, but I have purchased two 10-pan palettes from their Freedom System. You will notice in the pictures, that I have chosen mostly cool-toned neutrals and purples. I find that these colors look best on my NW20 skin. 

Some of the pictures make it look like the matte shadows are chalky; they are not. They are extremely soft and the product does come up easily. If you just tap your brush before you apply, you won't have any issues with fall out. The pearls are, by far, my favorites of my collection (especially 434P, 420P, 397P, and 402P).

I know this is a very long and picture-heavy post, but I hope that it will be helpful for those who don't have access to an INGLOT store and must purchase online. 

The most recent 10-pan palette I purchased was $16 and each square shadow was $6. The rainbow shadows, which have 3 colors each, are now $8. I know that the prices have gone up since last year; but it is still a huge value when you compare the amount of product and quality you get to the competition. (ahem... MAC)

Also, they are paraben-free and do not test on animals.What's not to love?

Oh, there is something that I should warn you about. The magnets are incredibly strong and it's really difficult to get the shadows out of the palettes once they are in there. If you want to be able to mix and change around your palettes easily, I would recommend you get a Z-palette or Unii palette to store them in. I don't mind traveling with my palettes just the way they are... they are sturdy and stackable.

The easiest way to open the lid is to slide it to the side. The magnets are strong and you can just lift up.
My two Inglot Freedom System Palettes with numbers. 

My two Inglot Freedom System Palettes without names.
1st Inglot Palette Swatches from Left to Right:
 423 Pearl, 399 Pearl, 363 Matte, 434 Pearl, 420 Pearl

1st Inglot Palette Swatches from Left to Right:
446 Pearl, 428 Pearl, 117 Rainbow, 493 DS, 494 DS

1st Inglot Palette swatched all together.
1st Palette UP CLOSE 
Top Left to Right: 446 Pearl, 428 Pearl
Bottom Left to Right: 423 Pearl, 399 Pearl
Top Left to Right: 428 Pearl, 117 Rainbow
Bottom Left to Right: 399 Pearl, 363 Matte
Top Left to Right: 493 DS, 494 DS
Bottom Left to Right: 434 Pearl, 420 Pearl

2nd Inglot Palette Swatches from Left to Right:
339 Matte, AMC Shine 47, 378 Matte, 387 Matte, 358 Matte

2nd Inglot Palette Swatches from Left to Right:
AMC Shine 37, 402 Pearl, 397 Pearl, AMC Shine 46, 354 Matte

My second Inglot palette swatched all together.

 2nd Palette UP CLOSE 
Top Left to Right: 339 Matte, AMC Shine 47
Bottom Left to Right: AMC Shine 37, 402 Pearl

Top Left to Right:  AMC Shine 47, 378 Matte
Bottom Left to Right: 402 Pearl, 397 Pearl

Top Left to Right:  387 Matte, 358 Matte
Bottom Left to Right: AMC Shine 46, 354 Matte
Packaging is no-fuss, matte black with white writing.

The INGLOT store in Chelsea, Manhattan is my idea of heaven.

You pick out the shadows you want by placing them on these magnetic boards.

Tons of face, lip, and eye products, nail polishes, brushes, etc.

Excuse the flash. Here are the prices. They went up since the last time I was in the store last year.

So many beautiful colors, but I chose to stick with cool-toned neutrals and purples.

Night out in NYC using 2nd palette:
 397 Pearl inner corner and under eye, 378 Matte and 339 Matte in crease, 354 Matte on Brow
On the rest of my face:
Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation in Sand Beige, Revlon Photoready Bronzer Summer Edition with 4 Quadrants, Laura Mercier Blush in Lotus Pink, Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, Milani Shadow Eyez Champagne Eyez under eyes, DiorSkin Nude Concealer in Beige, Anastasia Hydrafull Gloss in Sorbet, Ardell 105 Lashes, Revlon Brow Fantasy Dark Brown

This eye look is from my 7 Deadly Sins Tag video. I used:
INGLOT 446 Pearl, 423 Pearl, 399 Pearl, 363 Matte and Inglot Gel Liner in Matte Black

This is the eye look that I did on my sister for New Year's Eve. I mainly used 428 Pearl.

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