Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stila Smudge Pot in Kitten Review


What I love:

  • Easy to apply with just your fingers

  • Shimmery, but subtle enough to wear to work and still look professional

  • Great for showcasing eyelashes and making black eyeliner look crisp

  • I personally think it's the perfect nude/champagne-ish shimmer color that isn't too gold or orange... or too pale or frosty pink

  • No creasing or smudges, even without using a primer(just like the other smudge pot colors that are used mostly for lining)
What I don't love:

  • May be too drying for people with dry skin

  • Dries really fast, which makes it a challenge to layer the product on evenly (but you can easily layer on other dry shadows)
The Verdict:

If I had to choose one eye shadow product to put in a bag I would choose this one because I don't need a primer. I think it can bring you from looking plain and tired to polished and pretty with just mascara or mascara and a little black eyeliner (oh and concealer and blush and... hehe). I would definitely recommend this one if you like a simple, but shimmery look.