Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Asian blonde?

When I was little I did fantasize about looking like Barbie, but as I grew older, I began to appreciate my naturally straight and shiny brownish-black hair. I would cringe at the sight of Asian girls with orange-tinged locks of hair and wonder if they really thought that the look was appealing...

(Completely virgin hair with natural highlights of lighter brown)

I just didn't think that any Asian person could get away with dying their hair blonde. Until, that is, I saw the most gorgeous blonde girl sitting across from me while I was eating dinner with my roommate in LA. I mentioned something to my him about the girl and he said, "She looks like she's definitely a mix of something. I'll bet you $20 that she's part Asian."

Well, I lost the bet because she happened to be a tanned half-Japanese FAKE blonde (turns out my roommate was tipped off by the Hello Kitty tattoo on her arm). Anyway, thus began my delusional ideas about how I, too, could pull off the look.

For a few years, I toyed with the idea. I played around using to see what I'd look like with a completely different head of hair. 

And while I almost went through with this, I eventually decided that it'd be far too expensive and bothersome to maintain.

A few months ago, I opted for partial highlights scattered throughout my hair, but not on the top layer where you would see any roots. Initially, I was quite pleased with the results.

I was happy until I realized that I had huge patches of blonde that didn't look subtle at all if my hair parted in a certain way.

So, I went back to my stylist and had her dye over everything....

So much for going blonde.


  1. Cool post, i guess it's all down to the shade of blonde and how it fits the person, some can pull it off, some don't. I'm Chinese too and have natural blonde hair, it looks pretty weird since it's not very common but for some strange reason I can pull it off... but i have been opting for dark browns and blacks recently so i don't stand out too much XD

  2. Blonde suits you better because you're white, not Asian. Stop thinking you're Asian.